Now that we are at the beginning of the year and we are talking about resolutions, I would like to give you a summary of what we see in our workshops on personal development: we have a holistic view and, yes, we do them throughout the year. I hope to give you something useful:

Cultivate the physical dimension:

  • Sleep: you don’t necessarily have to sleep 8 hours, everyone is different, but there is scientific consensus that sleeping at least 6 hours is beneficial.
  • Physical exercise: exercise your muscles by doing exercises with your own body at home or in the park, do cardio exercises, for this it is not necessary to run marathons, you can walk, dance, swim, climb stairs, etc. Please do not sit for more than 50 minutes, stand up, stretch your legs, back and neck.
  • Nutrition: do not follow special diets, only the original Mediterranean diet. Drink 2 to 3 litres of liquids a day, not just water, soups, broths and juices are also welcome. Don’t deprive yourself of any food, some provide you with the necessary energy and nutrients and others, the desired ones, only calories, but make sure you comply with the 80/20 rule (respectively, of course).

Cultivate the emotional dimension:

  • Emotions are important, they help us learn, understand others and push us to action.
  • We are emotional beings, you have to be aware of them and the effect they have on you and others at every moment: ask for feedback informally from colleagues and friends.
  • People who control their emotions are more likely to achieve their goals: you can train, for example, your patience when you are stuck in a traffic jam.
  • There are positive and negative emotions and we will go through all of them, for example, you can’t help being angry or frustrated if you haven’t had a Christmas as you expected, the important thing is to know how to move as quickly as possible to being calm and relaxed: use your rational brain to make that change.

Cultivate the mental dimension:

  • We all have a private voice that dominates us and influences our behaviour: let’s hope that it is not your enemy.
  • We often spend more effort aligning our public voice with the company’s mission and values than with our private voice: to be better people and professionals, our private and public voices have to be consistent.
  • You work best when you are focused on something specific. You cannot multitask and you should not try to multitask, your work will suffer or the people around you will feel, at the very least, disoriented.
  • Focus on the present, don’t get distracted, take a break every 90 minutes, value fresh ideas, have fun and use your time efficiently.

Cultivate the social dimension:

  • Loneliness produces a state of chronic stress in our body that, if left untreated, reduces our level of engagement and productivity and, worst of all, has been scientifically proven to be associated with illness and decreased longevity
  • Be clear about the people in your life who remind you of who you are, your values, your aspirations and your worth. Keep them close and let them know how much they mean to you. Protect your time with them
  • Make your co-workers feel understood and appreciated as people, individuals with passions outside of work. Establish an authentic connection with them
    Be kind, help and be helped, all of which will make you bond with value and will be a way to make yourself and others feel good.

Of course, it’s a long list – we can’t and shouldn’t try to work on everything at once. To establish your priorities, what we do in the sessions are two things: assess where you are in each of the dimensions and, most importantly, help you identify what your purpose is, what inspires you, what drives you and align your development with it.

Because at this point we all know that it is very important to have a good plan, but more important is to know how to carry it out and take the first step. That’s where Spinyourtalent® can really add value.

Happy 2022!

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