Improve personal energy: resilience

We work in individual or team sessions in order for people to learn how to develop and grow their capacity to achieve their objectives

We work with a holistic approach covering all person dimensions:

The FAMES model is based on the premise that all the dimensions of the person are interconnected and form a system in which any change in one of them affects the others.

The 5 dimensions, of which we speak, are:

  1. Physical Dimension: refers to everything related to physical exercise, sleep and nutrition. It´s all about your physical body.
  2. Aspirational Dimension: includes everything related to the objectives and goals of the person at a specific time. Why get up every morning.
  3. Mental Dimension: it is about conscious thought and concentration necessary for decision making. Your rational brain.
  4. Emotional Dimension: encompasses all the emotions we have, positives and negatives, and how we should manage them.
  5. Social Dimension: understands the network of social connections we have and how we interact with them.






We want to contribute to ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. We work with them, acknowledging everything they are, what they know, how they feel, what they have done, and we help them to be the very best they can be.

We support people to identify their purpose and learn how to manage their energy and use it to follow their own path towards their goal.

We analyse false beliefs, learnt bias, negativity, fears, sadness and everything that prevents us from moving forwards in our purpose. We make people aware of these and help to learn how to manage them in order to write a new, positive, forward-looking personal story.

Someone once said that the key is not about managing your time but about managing your energy. We think that both are important: we need to know how to work in an agile and efficient manner and how to manage our energy in all of our daily commitments.

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