Achieve the goals of the People Function as Interim Managers

Managers should devote energy and quality time to their teams in order to achieve results. We should not allow them to be lost in cumbersome processes with questionable benefits nor prevent them from assuming their responsibilities as people managers. They should be equipped with everything necessary to achieve engaged teams, a positive work environment and value for their clients.

We passionately believe that people like organizational change, the kind of change that makes them more competitive and achieve their objectives. What nobody likes is lack of vision, lack of values, inconsistent strategy, lack of communication, lack of responsibility and not feeling part of a team.

We add value to companies by working with their People departments and Executive Committees in periods when the management of people and the organization is critical for the success of the company and benefits from external support. When the company is entering new markets (e.g. other countries); when it is seeking to develop new capacities ( e.g. digital); when it wishes to integrate other companies due to acquisitions or when it is facing transformational change. In summary, we contribute our experience and knowledge of many years working in the area of organizational transformation. We can work at individual level, with teams or at the level of people management processes, systems and policies.


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