What are we here for?

We support people to reach their life projects and organizations to achieve their business objectives in a sustainable way

What do we offer?

Solutions based on the value of the people and teams and their capacity to change


What makes us stand out?

We are not “consultants”: we design and implement agile solutions hand in hand with our customers


We don’t “coach”: we work with the energy and capacity of people and teams to improve


We don’t follow the latest management trends; each person, each company is unique and requires a tailored solution


What can we do for you?

Achieve the objectives of the People Function
-Improve the capacity of people and teams to achieve their purpose

Improve the leadership skills of people who manage teams

To improve personal leadership

We work with people managers wishing to improve their leadership skills

Sailing as a way to improve in a range of leadership skills:

Self-knowledge / Effective conversations

Performance management / Conflict management

Virtual teams

To improve personal capacity

We work in individual or team sessions in order for people to learn how to develop and grow their capacity to achieve their objectives

We work with a holistic approach covering all person dimensions:

Physical / Emotional / Mental / Social / Aspirational

To achieve the objectives of the People Function

We work hand in hand with the company’s People Function on specific projects or for a specified period of time in order to ensure People objectives are achieved
Interim management of the People Function

Change management in mergers, acquisitions…

“Jose Manuel was a fantastic supervisor. He was always patient and commited to helping me develop my career. He never hesitated to explain the strategy and rational behind decisions and projects we worked, helping to increase my understanding and broaden my expertise. Jose Manuel has great depth of knowledge and excellent coaching skills – a pleasure to work with!”

Lynn Spreadbury

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