Improve personal leadership

We work with people managers wishing to improve their leadership skills.

Sailing as a way to improve in a range of leadership skills:


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Effective Conversations

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Virtual teams

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Conflict Management

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Performance Management

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There is no better way to grow as a leader than to leave your comfort zone. When we are away from our home, in a new environment, with unfamiliar rules and with no stereotyped model about what “should be done”, when we find the very best in ourselves to learn and consolidate new forms of behaviour.


How do we lead our teams? Or rather, how do we lead ourselves? There are so many theories, concepts and fashions about leadership that it is difficult to answer those questions. Regardless of the kind of leadership we apply depending on company culture or a specific situation, there are basic skills that we can learn better if we step out of our usual personal and professional environment.

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